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Question on the Go Daddy $2.95 a month back-up and issues with that?

I have a  small classic WP site that is not an active blog.  I might need it backed up once every month if that.  I have read in this forum that if I buy that service (Go Daddy back up for $2.95 a month) it backs it up every day and then runs out of space.   I have heard that this is some sort of bait and switch like everything else with Go Daddy.


I just need one backup of my site.  I am not technically minded at all.   Can someone direct me to how to backup a small classic Go Daddy hosted WP site right to my desktop computer.


Can that be done by a novice without ruining the site?





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Re: Question on the Go Daddy $2.95 a month back-up and issues with that?



The backup service is not a scam at all. People just don't know how to read sometimes or understand how to follow directions. The smallest backup service give you 10 gb of backup space. Guess what happens when that fills up? That's right! It stops making backups. All you have to do is go in and erase old backups you no longer need and then, like magic, it works again. 


However, I don't think this is what you need. It sounds like you just need a one-time backup for archiving purposes. Just search for a backup plugin for WordPress. There are tons of them out there. Make sure it has a good rating and has been updated recently.

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Re: Question on the Go Daddy $2.95 a month back-up and issues with that?

Is there a plug in, you are aware of  that will allow me to back up directly to my desktop computer? 


Or do I have to buy cloud storage?


Thanks for your insight

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Re: Question on the Go Daddy $2.95 a month back-up and issues with that?

Hi @BennyK ,


Also keep in mind that in the wp world a backup is not always fool proof as having a zip file(s) and doing a restore.  If you are moving servers or migrating hosting you also need db information as well.  WordPress configurations and setups differ from hosting company to hosting company and even within hosting plans  offered within a hosting company (not just GoDaddy).  With that said, I totally agree with @MrVapor  about the one-time backup and the available plug-ins (I've used UpDraft Plus).  However, please keep in mind the best/most reliable backup is one that is prepared/restored as a migration.  This is because paths, domain names, table names, and all those crazy details are tended to for you.  In most cases, this will have some sort of price tag.  


Hope this helps,


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Re: Question on the Go Daddy $2.95 a month back-up and issues with that?

Hi @BennyK ,


A while back I worked on an AMA (can't find all of it now!), but one of the questions concerned backups.  Here is a re-post!


  1. Backups and WP.  How do you really do it right?

As part of answering this question, I did a quick search of the GoDaddy Community.  The search returned 691 results. Wow! Backups are a critical part of the integrity of any site not only WordPress. Every hosting company has a particular set of programs, hardware, and services to provide reliable backup and recovery. GoDaddy is certainly no different.


Let’s take a look at situation one; managed WordPress hosting. As part of all of the Managed WordPress Hosting plans you will find a dialog box and option for selecting an automatic backup. This automatic backup should be considered as a level I, basic backup. It is not the backup of all backups by any means.



Essentially what this means is that your backup is being stored on the same server where your installation resides. This is absolutely fine since it provides a first level quick restore that solves many, many problems. Perhaps GoDaddy could be a little more clear in what this service actually provides and what it means. It is indeed an essential part of the recovery process, however another level of backup and recovery is necessary to fully protect your site.


Using GoDaddy resources, how does one accomplish a second-tier backup that is not located on the local server?

For the complete restoration and recovery process one needs to consider having off-site backups and multiple recovery avenues.  The easiest way is to use GoDaddy Pro services. I consider this a set of Freemium services to extend the managed WordPress platform. You do not have to be a Web developer or designer to use this service. Consider yourself a pro because you are going to the next level of providing a service structure to maintain and develop your site.


Follow this link to open the GoDaddy Pro login page if you are are not already a pro. Once you create your account (no charge), you will basically be asked to add a website and select a group of services to go along with that website. If you happen to be a developer, you can assign a website to a client. The same would apply if you are a web entrepreneur with several websites in that you can use the Pro dashboard as a means to help standardize services for all of you own websites .


Let’s take a quick look at this dashboard.  On the left side note the Pro Services One of which is backups. Your uptime monitor, web traffic statistics, and SEO optimization panels Are also part of this dashboard. When you click into the view backups or the backups menu link you will have access to a variety of settings.

Two of the most important are the backup schedule and enabling and off-site backup for disaster recovery.



ama-02-backups03.jpgThis Pro dashboard management for WordPress provides a nice set of options for any business to establish reliable backups. For for designers and developers making sure that you understand the entire GoDaddy backup process is essential for you delivering the highest quality services. Once again, it doesn’t make any difference where you are hosting there will be a specific set of rules, steps, and processes involved in a reliable and valid backup.


If one wants to go one step further you can add a second backup plug-in to provide off-site backups. In the event that I do this I use I have found this plug-in a collection of services to be very GoDaddy friendly.  While it is not free,  it is well worth every penny.

Backup processes on cPanel

The overall process is very similar to managed WordPress except there are a few more manual steps involved in getting your backups done. From your cPanel Dashboard there is an entire section devoted to backups. Once again you can locally establish backups using this panel and specify files and databases to be included in the backup.


Just like managed WordPress this is a first level backup and needs the next tier to make it fully recoverable. As before, the GoDaddy Pro dashboard will integrate into a WordPress site that is running on cPanel.  This is accomplished by adding the site using the Pro dashboard interface or you can manually add the Pro worker plug.




Reference Links and Resources:


GoDaddy Pro Dashboard:

GoDaddy ManagedWP Hosting:

Business c-Panel Hosting:



Garage Articles:

Excellent one here on 5 strategies to backup your site.



Hope this helps,


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