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RSS Feed is not updating when I publish blog entries

I've set up a MailChimp campaign to automatically send out an email when a WordPress blog entry is published.  However, MailChimp says my RSS feed hasn't been updated by WordPress since 1/7/17 even though I have published 6 or so blog entries since then.  How can I troubleshoot this?  I don't even see a setting for managing the RSS feed in Wordpress.  I had to guess what the URL is b/c I wasn't able to see that either.  Thanks!


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Have you checked your WordPress customization settings to be sure your RSS feeds are being displayed the same way you entered them into your MailChimp campaign? Beyond that, perhaps you may want to reach out to MailChimp to ask if there's any more steps that can be taken to help troubleshoot this. 


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I am currently running a podcast and am having trouble updating/editing old episodes. For example, if I add a new reference or link to the written description of an already published episode, the RSS feed itself updates immediately but intermittently, iTunes and Podcast Addict don't seem to notice the changes. Another example, I'll delete whole posts and they never get removed from RSS reader list even though the RSS feed doesn't have the show file anymore. Is there a way to ensure that RSS readers notice the update?