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Reduce server response time in Google Insights results

Hi I am running a Study Abroad blog in Phoenix USA. I would like to increase my website speed. I checked in the Google Insights and it gave me the following option to consider: 

In our test, your server responded in 2.3 seconds. There are many factors that can slow down your server response time. Please help me is there any fault on Godaddy's end or my end?
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My website is here:

Super User I



I ran a speed test on your website here and you did get an "F".  Primarily due to images. The results detail exactly what you need to do to speed up your site.


Once you get all the noted issues addressed and in the green with an "A", then you can look at  actual server performance and what to address there.


HTH! 😉

"Good things happen to those who hustle." ~ Anaïs Nin

Thanks for your help. I understand I have high-resolution images on my blog. So, I need to reduce the sizes of images. Stay Blessed.



hai muse 

i got this error 

Data from the Chrome User Experience report indicates this page's median FCP (5.0s) and DCL (6.6s) ranks it in the bottom third of all pages. This page has a medium level of optimization because some of its resources are render-blocking

Need help my site loading very slow here is my blog tnpds

thank you



That particular page does not do as well as your homepage which got an A! 


Here's the report that will guide you on exactly what you need to do to improve your score.


HTH! 😉

"Good things happen to those who hustle." ~ Anaïs Nin