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Remote Access to Legitimate Sources

I recently purchased and installed Total Soft's Event Calendar onto my website, but after following the installation instructions to the letter, the events do not appear on it. I write to Total Soft (a Gmail account) and asked for assistance. I was asked to switch on TeamView, which I had to download but became suspicious and denied access as one of the email exchanges had Russian writing on the bottom. The English grammar was not too good either, e.g. when I declined them they wrote back:

'I don't know why there you have Russian text. I am not wrote you Russian. And I am not from Russia. I am just wanting to help you with this problem. I will connect with you , will understand problem and will solve as soon as it possible. Thank You'


How can we tell who is legitimate or not and do GoDaddy verify people who sell plug-ins on their system?




Hey @Bargecraft,


First let me say welcome to the community! Smiley Happy


Just to clarify, we do not directly offer or sell third party plug-ins used for WordPress. This sounds like a plug-in you may have looked up and then installed to your site through Because we don't offer these directly, we have no way of confirming the legitimacy of the developers before they are installed. 


Personally, if I don't feel comfortable with the use of a plug-in or in how it is being supported by the developer, then I would choose not to use it any further (removing it from my site and scanning my content) and report this to so the matter can be properly investigated and the listing of this plugin removed. From what you've described that sounds like the best course of action for you to consider. 


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Hey There @Bargecraft


Welcome to the community! I see that @CG answered some questions about the plugins and that GoDaddy doesn't sell or offer any 3rd party plugins.


I decided to dig into that plugin a little bit for you and did find the email: - so that goes along the same lines of what you were mentioning of how it's a gmail account.  So right off the bat that does worry me a little bit that they don't have an email that's associated with their domain -


But you can see the main information about that plugin here:

And what I tend to look at first when looking for a plugin is:


So your suspicion is definitely warranted if there was some Russian writing although I don't exactly what was shown so can't truly say if it was meant in a harmful manner or not.


Per their support page on WordPress it does appear that the developer is active, so I might recommend posting there first for support and see if other users might have had the same issue as you. And then you can make a further decision from there about the plugin.


Hope this helps, and let us know what you find out!