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SSL Certificate Renewal Issue

Good day godaddy, i have a serious issue. I renewed my company domain SSL last year June 10, 2017 for two year but with different bank account. That is, i used a bank account for 1 year renewal and another bank account for another 1 year renewal, each of these transactions is $69.99 with two different receipt. But to my surprise, my company domain SSL was only renewed for a year.

Since then, i have been trying to chat with your support online but your online chat has not be functioning. I really want this to be resolved ASAP.

I dont even have an email address to send complaints to, if you want me to provide the two receipts, i can.


I await your response.

Thank you

Former Employee

Greetings @hollar,


Sounds like you bought two distinct credits and it applied one. Unfortunately the system can't determine intent and whether you wanted them sequentially or were doing something else.

I'd really like to help, but we don't resolve or discuss specific billing in this open forum. You'll need to contact billing/support directly.


Here's the refund policy and our contact link (below) for all support options in your area.


I hope that helps,

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at

Getting Started

Thank you Thomas, i appreciate your response. But am thinking, instead of  a refund, is it possible for godaddy to apply the second credit?


I will appreciate your timely response.

Dear Thomas, Please i will like to know the status of my request below.

I will appreciate your response

Thank you