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Samsung Smart TV, Godaddy, Dailymotion

Here is a unique dilemma. We have a wordpress site that was in Godaddy's wordpress 2.0 beta program. We have videos embedded in the site from Vimeo Pro, Youtube and Dailymotion. While the site was with Godaddy wordpress 2.0 all worked great. But 2.0 kept having troubles and our site and many others kept going down and we needed a more dependable platform so the site was migrated to Godaddy Business. Now all the videos still work great on PCs, Macs, phones and tablets. But the Dailymotion videos embedded in the site no longer work when we navigate to the site on our samsung smart TV.  


We have other sites hosted other places and the dailymotion videos load fine on the samsung smart tv when using the internet app to navigate to the site. But all dailymotion videos on godaddy hosted sites will not load.


Any suggestions?