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Scheduled blog posts didn't post-- why? Need posts automated!

I have two Wordpress sites with GoDaddy. My main site never had any problems with publishing blog posts I scheduled in advance.

But this new site I made isn't posting when I ask it to! WHY.

I had a post scheduled for March 20 and it didn't go up. I was busy at a convention so I didn't have time to do this manually (and I shouldn't have had to anyway-- it was SCHEDULED.) Post was still sitting in the activity dashboard saying it was scheduled for 8AM March 20, 2018. I really need this new blog's scheduling features to actually work, not cool!

Helper V



What version of WP are you using?...

Please update your WP to latest version, and check again...

Also try updating your plugins and themes...


Thank you




Praveen Thomas

GoDaddy 24/7 Support