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Searching for Catalogue Plug-in

Good day!


I'm building a new website for a non-profit society that is creating a museum. Until we have a large enough building we would like to put some images of our artifacts on the new site. I am looking for a good catalogue plugin for WordPress that will allow me to place items in categories and hopefully include more than one picture per item. I tried working with WP Catalog but the plugin simply doesn't work (and seems to have lost support in the last year or so). 


I don't need to include prices as we aren't selling the items, we just want to display them with a short description. I currently have Envira Gallery, which I may have to use, but I would like to know what else is out there. So far my search hasn't provided much. 




Hello @CanadianHarvard!


Thank you for posting! I don't know of a catalog plugin that would help here. However, have you thought of using one that's specifically for setting up galleries? 


Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Hi Heather.


I have purchased the Envira Catalog plug-in and it seems to work alright. I was hoping for something a little more visual but I'll just play around with it. I'm new to some of this, especially CSS and customizing, but I'll just have to do more studying and research. 🙂 


Thanks for the reply!