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Self Service Bio Update for Employees or Wordpress Users

I'm looking for a plugin which would allow competitors (in our case, a small non-profit amateur sports organization) to be able to log in to Wordpress and fill out a form. This would include a brief Bio on themselves, a few fields, such as sponsors, facebook page link, etc.


Most of the plugins for this are things like Staff Directories - I've only found one which has a separate login for the user, ie so the competitor could fill this information in themselves. I tried using "Employee Spotlight" and it looks like their enterprise plugin would do what we need - we are a tiny organization so plugins need to be close to free every year...maybe $100 a year for this feature. Enterprise Employee Spotlight is $1500 per year.


This is kinda what I'm looking to do (this is the free plugin):


-Need to be able to change the URL from employees to something else.
-Need to allow users to log in and update this themselves ie self-serve. Disallow registration. Password reset self-serve.
-Need controls on fields - remove default ones and put custom ones.
-Need a limit on the number of characters.
-A publish/approve mechanism would be a nice to have.

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Re: Self Service Bio Update for Employees or Wordpress Users



You may want to look into membership plugins. A lot of these are free in some cases with greater functionality for pro versions. They will let you set up redirects for specific user roles, change user roles, add user roles, etc. 


You may also want to look into social media (lots of plugins do this) functionality if it's an intranet type site. 


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Re: Self Service Bio Update for Employees or Wordpress Users

Hi @notoriousrab430 ,


Here is a plugin that you might consider.  It has a ton of features, but it looks like it may be what you'll need to grow your community.  There are others out there that are similar, but this one is reasonably priced.


Because you are talking about some custom fields you may also need the ACF pluging.  


If you do decide to go the membership/community route be sure to spend a bit of time laying out your structure if you are going to have multiple levels of membership.   Doing this up front will definitely save time as you grow.


Hope this helps,






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