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Site has been deleted due to millions of spam comments but I have backup



My name is Heather and I have a small wordpress site for my fashion,travel and wine photography and blogging. My site is down now due to millions of line of spam. I didn't tend to it when I was out of the county and it has since been deleted. 


I tried to research the topic but can't find anything on it. Ive googled it and searched here. So here is my question.


I can't restore my site from backup and then go in and delete the comments from the database because GoDaddy won't allow the site to be reloaded from the backup because of all the comments. Therefore I was told to delete the comments using a text editor. I have a mac, and Im not sure how to do this. I downloaded the backup site and opened it in a text editor. I dont know which part to delete. 


I hope this makes sense. 




Thanks so much.


The question that I need to solve is.


How do I delete the millions of lines of comments in a text editor. All the text is run together and I dont want to delete the wrong thing.

When I've had to edit SQL files I've always used notepad++, as you're on Mac I'd try using something like Sublime I'm 99% sure it's very similar to notepad++ in the way that it will format the text properly.


Failing that, copy it to a friend or families windows machine and use notepad++, sublime should work though.