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Slow website due to server response time and waiting time

Dear Community, 


I would like to know ways to communicate with the GoDaddy support. The only support option I found is through phone which is not convenient for me. 


My website has been on GoDaddy server for few months but after opting this platform it has been so crappy to load. I have researched on my own and asked for help as well. The online tools like and pingdom specifically highlight that the SERVER RESPONSE TIME, AND WAITING TIME  is causing website more than 20 s loading delay. This is unbearable. 



Need help in this regard and need support from GoDaddy developers. Otherwise, I will not have any choice but to port on some other platform. 


Super User IV



We are end users like you - GoDaddy does have some professional services (paid) service  - That being said - I'm not sure if they provide the level of support you need.... a couple of suggestions I do have for you.


1) Is this a cPanel or VPS server?

2) I see the current page size is 5MB - I would try to reduce some of the image sizes

3) Have you considered using CloudFlare - this could help as the CDN network could provide closer servers for some of the resources

4) I would recommend plugins like WP Speed of Light - this can remove query strings from the scripts as well as merge / minify CSS & JS files

5) I would also suggest using Really Simple SSL as you have some resources that are loading over are loading over http vs https 

6) Not an optimization issue but You have a reference to Localhost on your Newsletter and the link isn't working

7) You may want to use Lazy Loading for your video or even put it on vimeo - you have 17s of load time right there based on the GTMetrix report.



I feel just by doing these small tweaks you will see an improvement in your site. Which is a great looking site. 


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