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Slow website speed problems in USA

Hello GoDaddy team.
I had bought hosting from your service. I developed there WordPress website ( But its opening very slowly. Please can you check out this?

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Wordpress site users do seem to make up a large proportion of troubles here. They can and do have performance issues, but have you looked at comparison to a hand developed site? 

I just type into Google 'Why are Wordpress sites....' and Google keeps suggesting "so slow?" "SO SLOW?" "SO SLOW?".


There are ways to tweak most things, but loading tons of plugins is probably a major cause:


Here is a link, take your pick for advice:

I've been having problems too.  The Dashboard is so slow it doesn't even load properly.  This is a fairly new problem and I have actually removed several plugins, not added any.

Also experiencing issues with website and dashboard loading very slow or throwing a 504 Gateway error

Helper VI

Hello @Will1 @Akhror @cloudsurfer and @Retired 🙂


At present, I have on my GoDaddy account 8 WordPress websites.

They all run as expected, 7 on a Ultimate Linux Hosting with cPanel and 1 on a Ultimate Web Hosting Linux. Also I manage 3 other WordPress websites on 3 other different hosting providers.


You must know that if there is no one medicine for all diseases, there is no "one solution" to your WordPress problems, so each of you who have problems with WordPress should start your own topic, explaining and detailing your problem as much as you can.


As a tool to verify what problems you have with your WordPress, you can use this one.


As a general rule, if you want to speed up your WordPress, you need a cache plugin like this one.


Also a CDN (Content delivery network) can speed up your site.


A tutorial on how to speed up your WordPress you can find here and here.



***Signature: -> Do not assume anything! If you want help, explain your problem. If my post helped you, give it a Kudo. If you have the solution, mark the topic as Solved.



Hello @Will1 @Akhror @cloudsurfer and @Retired 🙂


Keep in mind that, if you use to many plugins, your WordPress will run slow, also your theme can have bugs that will slow your site... maybe you can put 100 peoples in one room, but if the room is not big enough, they won't be able to move.


Don't neglect the security of your site, because if hackers have the possibility to access certain parts of your site, they will be able to attack it and it will make your site slow. Use a security plugin like this one.


The easiest way for a hacker to find your WordPress username, it by adding this /?author=1 to your site. For example if you have and someone goes to it will be directed to where USERNAME will be replaced with your actually username and after that a a brute force attack will be easy to start. This scenario is possible if your username has ID1 in your WordPress site, if that is the case you will have to change that by creating another user and deleting the old one.


Verify all your plugins and themes to see if they have security bugs. You can do that here.


There are a lot of things to know about WordPress, but this knowledge comes from reading a lot on the subject like @Retired says RTM (read the manual), if you just post a topic "my WordPress is slow ... 😞 " you will not solve anything.


WordPress websites have many problems because of the people that are installing and configuring those websites. Anybody can use a gun but only an expert who trains every day can kill a fly from 3 miles. Keep in mind that on a shared hosting account the resources are limited and SHARED. You will not build the next Facebook on a shared hosting. You will have to start at least with a VPS or maybe a dedicated server.


So, good luck.


***Signature: -> Do not assume anything! If you want help, explain your problem. If my post helped you, give it a Kudo. If you have the solution, mark the topic as Solved.