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Sometimes Website Doesn't Load And WP-Admin Doesn't Work



I just bought hosting from Godaddy yesterday. It's a starter Linux hosting plan. My domain is registered with Enom through Blogger. So after buying hosting, I changed nameservers at Enom. After that, after some hours my domain started using the new hosting account. I setup Wordpress on it and started customizing it.


What's wrong: Suddenly after some time when I tried to open my website, it didn't open. Loading bar starts rolling. Stops. Starts again. Stops and the process go on. During this time, WP-Admin didn't open. It said Page doesn't exist.


This condition lasted for an hour. After that everything was up again. After sometimes happened again, then worked, then again. It's so irritating. I don't know what's wrong with Hosting or wordpress? Is there something wrong on my side or it's godaddy?


Edit: Domain is

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Just checked and it seemed to be working fine.


Please give thumbs up if I was of help.


From some places, I can't visit my website yet. Hope it's temporary. 

I having the same problem too! works fine sometimes, but from some machines it takes ages to load. 


link is