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Starting Reseller Business

Hi guys

am pleased to be part of this community. 

please i would appreciate some advise on starting a godaddy resseler program, what to consider, what to expect and any strategies to adopt for quick results. 



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Re: Starting Reseller Business

I'll just give you some comments from my experience...


The reseller program can be a nice way to bring in a bit of extra money, especially if you are already recommending to your clients to use GoDaddy. And once someone has purchased through your reseller account, they renew there and with NO WORK on your part, you earn a commission.


I did not get it set up until a couple of years ago, and already had quite a few clients at GD, but sometimes it is the right solution to have new clients shop there. On the plus side, you can have a branded store with your own name/logo. So I can send people to my own website, have them click a link and it goes to a website that LOOKS like it's me, but secretly it's running at GD. 


If you have a number of personal items (your own sites, domains, etc.) that you can put through the reseller account, then of course YOU also get the commission payment. So depending on the product, that could save you money.


However, some items which you can sell through the reseller account are still cheaper if you go directly to GoDaddy. While you can set up some discounts, you can't always beat the main price. I have had a couple of people push back on that, so just be aware of it.


I have several pro bono projects where I manage their sites as a volunteer (which I am happy to do), but all of those get hosted through my reseller account so I get the commission. It's not a lot of money, but it's greater than zero.


I had one absolutely AMAZING situation where I took on a client who was ready to drop their old web designer. For reasons I won't go into, they owned about 85 domain names, and all were registered by the previous web guy. So he had them registered in his personal GD account, and was charging them $35/year for each domain. Now we know that is NOT the real price, so he was making quite a lot of profit for paying their bill and then up-charging them. When I clued them in to this situation, they were livid. We moved all of their domains to my reseller account, where of course they saved quite a bit (we figured it out to something like $1600/year over what he was charging). And now I'm getting the commission on renewing those domains every year.


I do not actively market this part of my business, and still make more on it than the annual cost of the program. I'm sure there are folks who have this as a primary business, and they market themselves as offering hosting -- whether or not they are managing the websites of buyers. So clearly this requires some marketing effort.


For me, one absolute plus is that the support number on these accounts goes to GD tech support. They don't answer the phone as "thanks for calling GD," they say "thanks for calling support." So if your goal is to fool people into thinking YOU are doing the support work, they accommodate that. But as far as I know, the same folks are answering the phone, so reseller clients get the same level of tech support. That is, beyond the initial sale (and possibly answering billing questions), the rest of the work is done by GD.


Here's a Garage article about it:


And another one:


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Re: Starting Reseller Business

Hi @elayebaba2 and @webdiva,


webdiva, awesome insight. One aspect that I might mention is "niche".  If you have an application of your websites that fit a particular topic, marketing within that industry is a great way to get leads.   For example, I have a couple of stock installations for persons selling lingerie through an independent party system.  We built a site/server very specific to these requirements and it works well.  We've never advertised as the biggest, best, etc., just one that works for this particular niche!


Hope this helps,


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Re: Starting Reseller Business

thanks a zillion for your insights. I truly appreciate

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Re: Starting Reseller Business

Very well crafted solution @webdiva as per usual.


If I may add that as a GoDaddy Reseller I do not feel like I am in competition with GoDaddy. I am equally happy to have any design client of mine purchase through my Reseller or GoDaddy, my concern is more with the quality of hosting than a commission. I tend to keep my Reseller offerings on the high side and use it as an option for my clients and not a mandate. I find that most of my design clients are more than happy to pay a bit of a premium and choose to purchase my Reseller products.


On my Reseller storefront and materials I display my custom 800 number, I/we answer our own frontline calls from 6AM to midnight-ish on most days and just have it forward to the support number for that gap period. Since we answer the phone we can REALLY drive our own brand home to our customers. I find that most of the time I can answer most queries without having to transfer to support but either way it tends to help to build a rapport with our clients.


Best of luck with your sales @elayebaba2

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Re: Starting Reseller Business

@rd, I think it's great you have your own support line -- and you're right, that helps strengthen the relationship. 


I realize we all run our businesses differently and have different types of clients. In fact for most of my clients, I'm the one calling tech support anyway. So of course either way, I'm calling GD and that's perfectly fine with me. But it is a good selling point to say that there is SOMEONE answering the phone 24/7. 


There is one drawback that I have found so far (which is minor, and who knows, maybe it has changed since the last time I checked...). If you are using GoDaddy Pro to monitor client sites, then sites hosted through the reseller program can't be connected to that.


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Re: Starting Reseller Business

I will cry when the GoDaddy Pro service trickles down to the Reseller @webdiva I say "when" not because I know that it is coming but I LOVE the Pro features and it would make my Reseller client support so much more easy to manage. I find that clients don't need tech support, they more often need support. We typically will notice and fix issues before they are a problem for a client anyway. Most often they have configuration questions or something?


When I first decided to use a 800 number it was just me so I went to fiverr with a script and got professional sounding prompts one ringing my office extension and others going to 24/7 support. My second step was to use the ring first option for the office then 24/7 support for any I was unable to answer. Now we are at the point where we try to live answer 18 hours a day and if you call after hours you get a prompt where you have the option of ringing the on call number or go to 24/7 support. As a side note a lot of our design clients also call into the same system. is wonderful option for some really nice talent. We did some research and really picked right when we selected our person. It is years later and we still use her for our prompts and have used her for YouTube, radio and other things too. She's great and I'm not just saying that because we also do her website.

...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

roy darling *my posts seem a lot shorter in my head

Re: Starting Reseller Business

I was reading this article and I have a Domain name and Webite Set up with GD. I'm trying my best to set it up and get Sales. Promoting like crazy!! I'm not going to renew if I can't get some HELP!! This is suppossed to make me $$ not drive me CRAZY!!

Re: Starting Reseller Business

Just signed up as a reseller and I'm trying to get the custom domain working for the storefront 2.0


I've called the customer support line a couple of times (kept getting disconnected or support staff couldn't hear me for some reason) and one guy finally transferred me to what was supposed to be the reseller team.


I followed the instructions in the reseller settings (set custom domain, set CNAME record to point to and yet I'm still presented with this error screen.


Support tells me that the DNS hasn't propagated yet. But if it hasn't propagated yet why would it point me to the domain (in the 404 error screen?)


I've checked and it seems my name servers have all been updated. So I'm quite perplexed as to why I'm getting this 404 file not found error.

I enter my URL ( and it leads me to



Sorry, the page you requested does not exist.

Re: Starting Reseller Business

I have clients that need dedicated hosting for their web projects.  I would like to be able to make the commission in points from that hosting when the client purchases, however, I am unable to make a commission through GoDaddy pro on these products.  Is there another way that I can make points or commission from these purchases?

Re: Starting Reseller Business

What's the correct way to market the business? Was told you have an in house program which assists.

Re: Starting Reseller Business

Hey All.. I am a pro reseller for India. I have been facing a big issue on competing with the prices available on GoDaddy India site.


My customers are complaining that my prices are higher than GoDaddy's. I have told my customer that I am a GoDaddy Pro Reseller, so my customer has concluded that my prices would be lesser than GoDaddy's. 


Price on GoDaddy 

.com @ Rs. 99 after adding it to cart for 1 year it is working out to be ₨ 127.65 with taxes promo code GOFLIN16 applied automatically - My concern is Reseller Base price is ₨541.83

.com @ Rs. 99 after adding it to cart for 2 year it is working out to be ₨ 749.80 with taxes promo code GOFLIN16 applied automatically - My concern is Reseller Base price is ₨1,083.66

.com @ Rs. 99 after adding it to cart for 3 year it is working out to be ₨ 1,701.63 with taxes promo code GOFLIN16 applied automatically - My concern is Reseller Base price is ₨1,625.49


.in @ Rs. 99 after adding it to cart for 1 year it is working out to be ₨ 228.85 with taxes promo code GOFLIN16 applied automatically - My concern is Reseller Base price is ₨181.70

.in @ Rs. 99 after adding it to cart for 2 year it is working out to be ₨ 802.70 with taxes promo code GOFLIN16 applied automatically - My concern is Reseller Base price is ₨638.56 

.in @ Rs. 99 after adding it to cart for 3 year it is working out to be ₨ 1,491.55 with taxes promo code GOFLIN16 applied automatically - My concern is Reseller Base price is ₨1,095.42


Based on this it seems GoDaddy does not want its reseller also to have any customers for .com domain. GoDaddy should change the base price whenever they have any promo's going on. Is there something fishy going on here??


I do not see making any profit of the GoDaddy Reseller program. It just does not seem fare. I have asked customer service on how can I get refund for my Reseller fee. They have denied giving any refund or cancelling the amount. 


Am I been cheated.. is this a trend across other regions and countries. If it is than we need to come together and sue GoDaddy. The whole thing just seems to be a scam.

Re: Starting Reseller Business

Hi Owner/MD here. Reading these post people.just seem to have got this nailed or are missing a few opportunities don't fret keep going find your own personal brand and niche once you do go for it

R Holland

Re: Starting Reseller Business

Thanks for this advice. I'm just starting out myself too and your advice is really helpful!