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Syncing stuck with plugin



We have a Premium Business Hosting with cPanel at GoDaddy but we have a serious issue with a plugin in Wordpress that we need to work.


We are using the plugin from LinkSync to connect our Wordpress Woocommerce store to Vend


In the beginning syncing the products was fine but now it always gets stuck at 72%.


We have tried everything from disabling all plugins, change themes whatever you can think of we tried it.


We contacted LinkSync and the debugged everything for us, on their test server with an exact copy of our website it is working.

Their conclusion is that GoDaddy performs security scans to the websites they are hosting. Perhaps GoDaddy security scans or security measures is blocking updates coming from the LinkSync web service that is connecting Vend to our website.


We need this plugin to work because we run our inventory through Vend.


Hope someone here can help us out.





Hi @mark29

Just to clarify, your Managed Wordpress site is performing without issues other than the LinkSync not completing a sync? When you try to update the plugin do you receive any specific errors? If you can provide more details that would be great. 

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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It is performing without issues. No errors on update.


Here is another thing;


I tested on my other hosting which is with GoDaddy as well. And guess what, it is working. No problems with syncing at all. I even did a full copy of the website to my other hosting and it is working.


It is a real pain in the ass now. Even upgraded our hosting twice now to increase memory etc. Nothing seems to work.