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The photos in gallery are too small when they actually OPEN

Hi everyone

I really hope i can find here answer because I think I googled all and nothing what would help my issue.


So I am a photographer and I am having albums on my sites under portfolio. Each album has a photos. I have a setting that when someone opens one photo,they can scroll to the right/left to see more. they dont need to open separately each window... and i like it. 

HOWEVER the problem is that the size of the photos when they open is TOOOOOOO SMALL so it cant show all the details. Having portfolio like this where person has to zoom is totally unacceptable and uncomfortable. Nobody will zoom it anyway. 


I tried in setting: to use large photos, large width and height and no change. nothing. 


Please note, I am NOT talking about size of portfolio cover photos, or photos in portfolio. I am talking when the photo actually OPEN. 


I talked to specialists, and nobody can tell me the solution. 😞

I have seen people having same problem ... 

I would appreciate your help. I work in Gutenberg/WPBakery... I am not specialist but i give instruction to my web designer who is fourth in row and also dont know how to do it.


Thank you so much!



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Super User III

Re: The photos in gallery are too small when they actually OPEN



It'll be hard to answer your question if it's a custom WordPress build. There are a lot of things on the backend that could be set up in a multitude of variations. It could be something as simple as a setting being wrong somewhere. 


I'd suggest looking at gallery sliders or maybe addons for WPBakery that could solve your issue.


Also, if the person who built the website doesn't know how to correct the issue, I suggest getting a new designer. 

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Re: The photos in gallery are too small when they actually OPEN

Hi thank you for respond

It has a theme ''Bridge child''..  I will try to look for addons for WPBakery . Do you have any ideas? Could YOU fix the problem? Of course I would make it up to you