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Unable To Upload Doc File Via Dashboard

Hi I am unable to add docx or doc files through the dashboard media uploader, i am able to upload other files like images etc..but not word files, am getting "http error" Please tell me what the problem and how can i over come this? Thankd
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Hi @srinivas,

simple, change the file format. Doc and docx files are Microsoft Word files and become executable. In other words an attempt to 'run' the file happens. Unless there is Microsoft Word installed to handle the file....... fail!

Change the format.

Changing the format is not so simple. The users I serve have done just fine with Word docs for a decade, and prefer not to change.  PDF fillable files are a close alternative, but perceived as too much hassle for the users I serve.  Can't we put the mime type back in for .doc and .docx?