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Unable to login to Wordpress - reset mail never comes

Hi - Please help. I am unable to logon to my two WordPress sites. I clearly remember the password and have verified through manage-hosting dashboard. Every time I try it returns error the password is incorrect.


If i try to reset the password, I never get an email to reset the password.


Not sure whats the issue. Helpdesk chat is not able to figure out either. If anyone faced similar issues or any pointer will be greatly appreciated.



Super User I


If the sites are on Managed Wordpress, you can log into the site dashboard that way, and then reset the password internally (that is, once you're logged in).

Did you ever get to the bottom of this? I have the exact same problem. WP-admin works fine. I can login and change password there or via cpanel, however when I try and use this login at (I need this for gravatar) it tells me password is incorrect and despite clicking, I never receive any emails to reset/retrieve.