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Unable to see original Divi Builder & Theme

I re-installed a fresh copy of WordPress today on my GoDaddy server, and it installed one of their starting themes. That starter theme then seems to overwrite anything I install afterwards...such as Divi. I tried installing the Divi builder, then the Extra and Nexus themes (newsletter formats)...But i was never  able to get the actual layouts shown on the Elegant Themes site. It always seems to change the Elegant Themes site to fit the theme installed in the original Godaddy install. I need to install the original Elegant Themes versions of Divi editor with Extra or Nexus and get the layouts Elegant Themes is showing. Thanks.


Hi @robertaross,

If you re-installed Wordpress, the theme that you installed will no longer appear, a default Wordpress theme will display. If you uploaded your theme again and it's not displaying it could be a caching issue. I suggest trying to clear your cache or bypass the cache feature and see if that resolves the issue. Maybe one of our other community members can give you some feedback as well. 

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Thanks, but I actually don't use the Managed WordPress on GoDaddy. I have a WordPress install on my shared Linux server account, which doesn't offer any cache features. I just think the Divi app is not compatible with GoDaddy's WordPress version for some reason. If I don't resolve it by Monday I'll just go back to my last template, called Newspaper from tagdiv. It's a much better template in several ways actually, but without the handy Divi editing features. I had a minor stroke a couple of months ago and was looking for some easier way to change my website (#1 on Google in my category) to WordPress. I'll make it work!


Thanks for you help!