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Helper IV

Useful WordPress debugging plugins

I have been using a handy plugin called Debug Bar and Debug Media (an addon to Debug Bar) that can help with reporting the settings on a WordPress installation. By default there are many PHP, image processing, and server settings that are set behind the scenes to a default. Modifying these can be a last resort to a memory issue, or some sort incompatibility.


I have recently come across a bug from v4.5 to the current version that prevents large images (3500px+ across for example) from uploading successfully. The image uploads but the thumbnail progress fails with an HTTP error. This plugin helps me analyze various settings to see if there are consistencies around the image library being used. When reporting an issue providing these can help a lot.


Debug Bar - master debug bar plugin 

Debug Media - addon to report Media Library image processing settings 


Here's some example output:


Memory Usage
28,173,720 bytes
Media Debugging Info Active Editor WP_Image_Editor_GD Imagick Module Number 1620 ImageMagick Version ImageMagick 6.5.4-7 2014-02-10 Q16 OpenMP GD Version bundled (2.1.0 compatible) Ghostscript Version 8.70 Memory Limit 256M Max Execution Time 60 Max Input Time 60 Upload Max Filesize 256M Post Max Size 65M


Alex Sirota, PMP - NewPath Consulting - Schedule some time with Alex
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Helper VI

Thank you  @Alex-NewPath for sharing your experience with us.


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