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Using Duplicator to copy my site locally

Hi everyone. I've installed the Duplicator pluggin on my wordpress site. I've successfully built/downloaded the package/installer. I've run through the installer on my local workstation and am now to the Final Steps. When I click on any option (Save Permalinks, Test Site) it opens a new tab and direct to \\localhost\wp-admin\install.php and gives the message "The requested URL /wp-admin/install.php was not found on this server." I've looked in that directory and that file does not exist. I've also looked on the Godaddy site/directory and it does not exist there either. I'm stuck. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advanced.

Community Manager

Hi @omecabs. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community. In my experience, this usually happens if your WordPress install can't find it's database. It then thinks you need to go through the setup process and looks for install.php. You might need to update your database host in wp-config.php so it knows where to find your database. That's just a guess though. Hope it helps. 


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