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WP Premium Support is unable to submit task

It seems like WP premium support is a huge fraud!! I paid for the support and still have 2 tickets remaining, when I try to submit ticket, which is a part of the catalogue (install a theme), the system message is We were unable to create a new task at this time, please try again or contact support!! Am I not contacting support already?? Why do I need to spend more money and contact another support so that they can contact another support??? How ridiculous is that! 

Super User III
Super User III

Re: WP Premium Support is unable to submit task

Hey there!


It sounds like there's some sort of glitch in the system with your particular subscription to WP Premium Support. It is technology and this sometimes happens. 


It should be a simple enough fix if you give the support team a call or pull them up on live chat. They should be able to get the issue resolved. Then you'll be able to use the product as intended. 


At the very least, if you call in support can help you go ahead and get the tickets put in while they attempt to correct the issue. That way you won't have any further delay in getting your issues fixed with your website either.

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