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WWW redirect with ssl gives error with managed wordpress

I am currently running into an issue where I am able to pull up my MWP site that has an ssl on it without the WWW which is however anytime myself or anyone else puts in the URL the site gives an error message which I've attached below. I know it has something to do with the SSL but I am unsure if this will be me adding another domain to my UCC I already have, or if this is a redirect issue in the managed wordpress site code. I would love input since I have had multiple people try on different browsers as I have and only pull up the site without the WWW and hope I can solve this enigma.


Hi @NaB, thanks for posting.

Looking at the site and the SSL, it looks like you are using a UCC SSL. If that is the case, you would need to manually add the WWW version of your site as a SAN.
While the WWW version is automatically included in the standard certificates, they need to be manually added when using a UCC SSL.

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I have a similar problem, where www. fails. My domain is registered with Google domains, but my hosting is with GoDaddy.. Do I need to move my domain registration to GoDaddy?

Helper V

I checked your site and found the following. uses an SSL valid for the following sites.


DNS Name:
DNS Name:
DNS Name:
DNS Name:
DNS Name:
DNS Name: does not supply an SSL Cert when trying to connect securely and the Cert for is not valid for the site. You will need to add to the Cert and make sure the HTTP Server is configured to use the new Cert for site.