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Website Restore - Wordpress Error code: ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE

So, long story short- I was in Taiwan for 2 years on a Church Mission.. When I returned home- My website ( was up for bid and I had to call godaddy and get everything worked out to restore my website exactly how it was and pay for the next few years of hosting... $450 later, I was hopeful everything would be returned to how it was... I went to my website and saw that all the links, pages, downloads, and basically everything seemed to be restored correctly... However, I go tried to get into the back-end wordpress module ( And it wouldn't allow me to get past the "login" screen. I typed in my username and password... Hit enter and BOOM! My site said (and continues to say) "no data received :(" and gives this "Error code: ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE". I tried a bunch of "chrome" fixes, went to "firefox" and "internet explorer" however I got the error on all browsers.


Any idea how this occurred? I'm not angry at godaddy or anything, but maybe the site wasn't completely restored? Better yet, anyone have any suggestions how to fix this?


Thanks for the help!! 😃