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Website crashes because of image galleries on the editor side.

Recently, GoDaddy moved my website from Web Economy hosting to Deluxe cPanel, and this is when the issue began.


Through wp-admin, on the dashboard, when any user with access goes to edit a post with 3 or more image galleries (with any amount of images within them), this causes the website’s Memory Usage and I/O Usage to instantly spike, and it crashes the website in moments.


This does not happen with posts that have several single images, only image galleries I’ve created through the basic WordPress software. This also does not happen if the same post is accessed through the reader side; the page loads completely fine and the website does not crash.


– Example post:
– Normal statistics:
– Statistics seconds after I go into editing a post with image galleries:
– Error page upon crash:



When I disable all plugins, the website does not crash, but the Memory Usage still spikes from ~110-120 to ~360-370 in an instant. Why are the image galleries doing this to the memory usage so dramatically when they weren't before the host migration?


I have also added the following to wp-config.php, and that has not helped:

define( ‘ WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘512M’ );
define( ‘WP_MAX_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘512M’ );


Re: Website crashes because of image galleries on the editor side.

Oh man, I love Persona games. When 5 came out I was an obsessed Phantom Thief for months.


The most likely answer is that is was using more than 512mb of memory before you migrated. Web Hosting is old and had the blessing and curse of not being able to strictly enforce limits between customers like cPanel hosting can.


And adding those defines doesn't help, it basically tells WordPress it can use all of the memory you have for one thing. You either need to click that upgrade button above your resource graphs, or figure out what plugin is being the resource hog.


As far as optimizing the site for your new hosting, in my experience you want to use memcached to keep the site stable. That means enabling memcached and opcache in the select php version menu, then using a plugin to cache. For me that's W3 total cache with page caching set to disk enhanced, skipping over the minify stuff because it needs configuration not to break your site, and setting other ones like database cache and object cache to use memcached.

Re: Website crashes because of image galleries on the editor side.

Thank you for the response. I see, so the outdated nature of Web Economy hosting made it so the memory usage wasn't as enforced as cPanel is.


The main culprit in terms of being a memory usage hog was the plugin "CloudFlare Flexible SSL," which fixed issues with CloudFlare Flexible SSL for HTTPS, but also seemed to up the memory significantly whenever media was loaded. I've since disabled it. And I've also upgraded hosting to Deluxe 2, to avoid being near the limits all the time.


I have also enabled memcached and opcached, alongside their settings for W3 Total Cache. Thanks for your help.

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Re: Website crashes because of image galleries on the editor side.

Hi @Paradoxer,


I recently learned a bit of lesson the hard way.  In the event that you are running multiple wp sites on a single server and you have a real memory hog plugin on any of the sites, the problem may actually show up in bad performance on one of the other sites.  I'm basically am revisiting some of the social-media login/user plugins because of this very issue.  I have one plugin combination using UserPro Social Login with the WooCommerce addon.  Holy cow, I can't find enough resources to make this work!  Can't blame GoDaddy on this one for sure!


Good info on the CloudFlare SSL plugin!





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Re: Website crashes because of image galleries on the editor side.

hi JMPepper, I am hoping i can get some answers, I was working at my desktop In Go daddy creating another webpage, and basically after i was done with the page the computer crashed and now i am not able to get back into my old account and it doesn't recognize my email or password that account with the email and password, did i do something wrong? Does go daddy think someone hack my account because they wont accept my email. but i see my Domain account for sale for $69.00. I know you will probably say call customer support. I did now ever time i call FLATLINE. I would appreciate all the help in restoring my account you guys really have an awesome sight and i love being a member i really dont know what happen? still Confused???

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Re: Website crashes because of image galleries on the editor side.

Hi @frankchandlersf,


I don't actually work for GoDaddy so I'm not sure how much I can help in this situation.  When you say that GoDaddy doesn't accept your email, does that mean you do not get a reply or that the email bounces (not delivered)?  


It is very odd that your computer crashes AND you lose access to a GoDaddy server.  After the crash, did you flush cache, etc?    Where are you seeing your domain for sale?  I am a bit confused on this one.  With the domain being for sale it sounds like something has expired or it is possible your account has been hacked and someone is trying to sell your domain.  I don't know how likely on the hacking side.   What is your domain name?


I'm not sure exactly what I can do, but with domain name I can at least begin to look.


Hope this helps,



P.S.  Thanks for the compliment!

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