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What is the time needed to see changes into production site after pushing?

I have a Managed Wordpress account that comes with a staging option.  I made a couple of small text changes in my staging environment and push my staging to production, that was almost 3 hours ago.  I was trying to see how much time does a small change needs to take place in the production site.

I did not had the overwrite content box checked.


Does someone has a rule of thumb?


Could my delay be related to the failed update of Wordpress and that all push to production jobs are in pause?


For my previous update was less than 20 MB and I had to contact an agent to refresh my server.




Normally it should be pretty fast, and usually take less than 30 minutes for a typical site. You may need to call GD support if it's stuck and you can't get into either dashboard, otherwise if they are small text edits you may just want to update directly on the live site.

So basically if they are just small text edits on current content it is better to do them in the production environment, but I will have to pull from production when I want to perform a bigger change.


I will need to contact GD and ask them to refresh my server again, so the updates to production get committed.


When should I checked the option "overwrite content" for staging to production option?