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What type of panel

Hi, I have a friend who is helping me with changes to my site. He needs the password to my cpanel, but I can't find anything. GoDaddy has been strange the last week or so. Cpanel is used on Linux which is what I have, based upon this the message below the "manage" button that says Web Hosting Linux. However, I keep getting a "400 Bad Request" error message. What's going on?

Helper VI

Have your friend signup for GoDaddy Pro and manage your cPanel through Pro Console instead

~Jan Mykhail Hasselbring Web Administrator @

I'm having the same problem. I go to "Hosting", I see my website, I click "Manage", and I'm taken to an error message that says:

400 Bad request

Your browser sent an invalid request. 

Hi @jamd, thanks for posting.

If you are seeing this error, I suggest trying a different computer or web browser. If you continue to have trouble, call Support so they can review your account in detail.


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