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Where to change upload file limit on Managed Wordpress?


I'm new to WP and am trying to upload a theme but realised it was larger than the given limit of 33MB. I was doing this through Wordpress Importer. 


I have gone through multiple guides explaining the use of Cpanel but I'm unable to find it under my GoDaddy page. Would like to seek some guidance and assistance to go about uploading my theme. 



Resolver I

Re: Where to change upload file limit on Managed Wordpress?



In your cPanel you should look for an option to edit the PHP settings. There is a file called php.ini which holds all these settings and more.


Not all cPanels allow editing PHP settings. If yours does, then open it an look for a string called:



Change it to whatever you need.

For example, if you change its settings to 128MB then your upload size limit will go up to 128 Megabytes.


Also search for a string called


Change this to the same value you set for the previous setting.


I hope this helps and resolves your issue.

If it does, give me a kid 🙂