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Advocate III

Why Quality Is Necessary Online

You break your leg. It’s bad. You can tell right away. Pain is shooting through your body – white hot, electric bolts that make it hard to think, difficult to breathe, and impossible to stand. So what do you do? You go to a doctor and don’t even think twice about it. You go to someone who’s spent his entire life preparing to take care of you. You go to someone intelligent, practiced, knowledgeable, skilled, and qualified.


You don’t settle for services from anyone but the best.


There’s a lesson to be drawn here. When you want something done right, you go to someone who knows how to do it. You don’t ask your cousin for financial advice and you don’t ask your sister for help repairing your car. You hire an accountant and you hire a mechanic. You hire a professional without regret. There is a question you might think to ask – what exactly separates a professional from everyone else?


Malcolm Gladwell, in his highly influential book Outliers, introduced the concept of 10,000 hours. The idea behind it is simple – skills take time to develop, expertise requires practice. Being incredibly good at something, be it writing novels, playing the guitar, developing websites, engineering rocket ships, or even cooking, requires two things: innate talent, and a minimum of 10,000 hours of practice. This is what separates mediocre results from incredible ones. This is what separates amateurs from professionals.


And so we arrive at our point – the necessity of paying for quality work in an online world.


You must hire a skilled developer to code your website, a skilled writer to craft your content, and a skilled marketer to help you stand out. If you don’t, you are simply sinking your time, money, and effort into something that will fail. And that isn’t what you want, now is it?


It all comes down to one thing; there’s just too much noise in the world. Any simple Google search instantly places millions of websites, an endless sea of content, in front of our eager eyes. There are more websites today than anyone could visit in a lifetime. Lucky for you, many of these sites have been created by amateurs. They have been sloppily designed and incoherently written. Imagine you’re unfortunate enough to land on one of these websites, what do you do? Hit the back button immediately? Close the window entirely? You certainly won’t spend much time on a website like this.


However, when you find yourself on a site that has been developed by a skilled professional, you can tell immediately and you’re hooked. Finally, you’ve arrived someplace functional, beautiful, and engaging.


The thing is, a professional developer knows his craft inside and out. He has experience that cannot be duplicated. He has a sharp eye for detail, and mind for strategy. Best of all, he’s reliable. He’s seen it all and done it all. He’s spent the 10,000 hours necessary, plus more, perfecting his craft so that you don’t have to.


You can put the job in his hands and trust the results, which will always end up speaking for themselves.


This caliber of quality can’t be duplicated, but it can be achieved. All you have to do is hire someone capable of incredible things. So, do yourself a favor and hire a professional WordPress devleoper (like me) for your next project and never look back. You’ll sure be glad you did.

Author: Nathan 'Ello' Reimnitz
Certified Expert WordPress Developer
Advocate II

I am very far from a "skilled professional" when it comes to web development. But I have what I would consider moderate expertise.

I am, however, a fishing guide by trade. But with web expertise, I am able to create and maintain my own website rather than depending on someone I hire (who might know web, but they don't know fishing).

I know my fishing craft, and I'm good enough at my web craft to design a site that is reasonably professional. At least I am frequently complimented by clients regarding the quality of my website. I know what my clients (or potential clients) want to see, the information they need... and most importantly, the fresh and current photos they expect. I don't have to wait until someone else's schedule allows them to update my site.

Fishing guides are often by design, rather gruff, curmudgeonly fellows. Their websites often reflect same. IMHO, my website stands out as somewhat unique... again basing that on comments from clients.

Yes, quality matters whether you're a surgeon or a catfisherman.

That said, I would not turn down some additional (free) guidance from an SEO professional. Smiley Happy


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Super User I

I enjoyed reading your post but I don't see that quality is necessary online. I absolutely see quality as important but the nature of the internet dictates that it is a space for everyone. When people talk to me about development projects we might here "I can do a [insert company name here] for $9.95/month." and we say "Great, we are happy to meet you. Best of luck with your Wix/Weebly..." because our client appreciates design. Inevitably people come to the point where they need what they want rather than deal with what they have and quality exists in that gap.

I think people get experience and expertise confused. I have experience baking cakes and cooking but I'm not catering weddings because I have no expertise in doing so. I expect that others should come to me with a similar revelation with regard to their web project. We often seek to pair our expertise with out client's expertise to come out with the best result.

...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

roy darling *my posts seem a lot shorter in my head