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Why does GoDaddy have such a bad reputation?

Hey All


Ive been with GoDaddy for sometime now on "shared hosting". But considering upgrading to "business hosting" package. I'm skeptical due the fact that lots of people have said to steer clear of GoDaddy and I shouldn't use them. Is it stigma of previous years or is it a genuine comment?


I always try to stay objective and impartial. My experience with the support staff has always been good and my site up time has always been around 99% for the past 4+ years. I really don't have any real complaints, from a light user point of view. I just wish the would offer email and SSL certificates at a more reasonable price.

But things are changing and we need to get more powerful hosting that we need to be able to depend on and its easier to just upgrade than move? But not at the risk of putting our clients up time and sites performance on the line






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Community Manager

Re: Why does GoDaddy have such a bad reputation?

Hi @Fetseun. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! 


First, thanks for being a long-time customer! I think that GoDaddy is a great place for you to continue to grow your business, but as a moderator, I'd say I'm a little biased Man Wink 


We know that there are folks out there that don't like us, but we've made huge strides in improving our hosting plans based on the feedback that we've received. Admittedly, every host has issues at one time or another. GoDaddy is no exception. However, we stand behind our 99.9% uptime guarantee. 


Hope that helps. Perhaps others in the community will also be able to share their thoughts. 


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.

Re: Why does GoDaddy have such a bad reputation?

Thanks Jesse, 👍🏻

Re: Why does GoDaddy have such a bad reputation?

Hey this is going to be my first post to this forum and I would love to put in my 2 cents.


Honestly I chuckled when I read this post because that is 100% the reputation that Godaddy has had for probably right before they even went public with their stock offerings. I worked for another very popular webhost/Domain reseller and the customers would just pour in from leaving GoDaddy.

BUT! That was an incredible 10-12, maybe even more,  years ago! When I came back into town within the past 2 years I never would have bought one item from Godaddy, I wouldnt even park a domain at their sight because of the past but now Im a customer, a 3rd party delegate, an avid user of trying out all their little tools and the change this company has made is so drastic that I have become now an advocate for "Just give these guys a chance, they are all about customers now, and they can handle their biz, shooting their own tech support. Awesome, nuff said, Cheers guys!

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Community Manager

Re: Why does GoDaddy have such a bad reputation?

Thanks for sharing @RandyRoss! We're working on talking with more customers to get feedback and make improvements. Improving our customer experience is super important for us. So stay tuned for more this year!! 


Re: Why does GoDaddy have such a bad reputation?

I am comparing them to my prior web-host, mydomain .I left that company due to an arbitrary decision to change its web-design platform which required me to totally redesign five websites. Godaddy also later changed its web-design platform, but at least provided ample time and assistance in doing so. Its design is very easy to use for those with some computer savvy; I suspect it may be more difficult for the novice.

Cheers, Crypto Expert


Re: Why does GoDaddy have such a bad reputation?

...backups don't work for [removed]. Worst feeling I've ever had in my life is when I found out that 11 years worth of my content was gone with just an errant click of a button. Pure waste of money. I had tried to cancel my upcoming renewal and it turned out that it cancelled my entire site.


I promised to sign up for a 5 year renewal if they restored my site and all they had backed up were 4 files and some SQL databases. They said there was an error when backing my files...(whooops)...our bad. Are you freaking kidding me??


What more can be said except a handful of expletives. One click of a button, folks. That's all it took to say ba-bye to 11 years of content. If it happened to me, it could happen to you.




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Community Manager

Re: Why does GoDaddy have such a bad reputation?

Hi @BruceM. I can definitely understand how this would be a difficult situation for you. I'm sorry that we didn't ultimately have a way to recover your files. Hopefully, you had made your own backup recently, which is always a good idea. If not, then perhaps you can recover some content from an archive site, like


I did want to clarify though that there is quite a bit involved in canceling a product. While we want it to be hassle-free, we definitely provide opportunities for customers to change their minds during the cancelation process. There are essentially 2 ways to cancel a product. Since you mentioned that you were trying to turn off automatic renewal, I'm guessing you canceled the hosting on the "My Renewals" page.


To cancel an item from the renewals page, you must first check the item you want to cancel, then click the Cancel Renewal button. From there, you must click a smaller "Delete my product" link. After that, another message comes up requiring you to request cancelation by email. You'd then need to access the email we sent and click a link contained within. You can see this process demonstrated in the gif and image below. 


Here's the process:

renewals product cancel.gif

Here's the email:

cancel email.png


The other way to cancel is through the My Products page. Canceling there is a little more direct, but still is more involved than a single click. To cancel there, you just click on the Options button next to the product, click the Cancel Product link, then confirm the cancelation. Those screens are shown below for reference as well. Please note that we do give specific warning that the account will no longer be available to you. 


modal cancel product 1.pngmodal cancel product 2.png


If you experienced a different cancelation process, or feel the processes above are not clear enough, feel free to share. I'd be happy to get your feedback passed on to our UX/UI team. 


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.

Re: Why does GoDaddy have such a bad reputation?

I don't recall it being that difficult a process. It seemed like click, click and I was done (cancelling my renewal). I can't believe that within three days of this happening, that 11 years worth of my files were completely wiped from this earth. UN-BE-LIEVABLE!! Too late to run a deep-scan recovery?


Even Office 365 keeps emails for a month after deleting an email account. You guys must have deleted all the files within seconds of me cancelling. You can't possibly be that tight on space!


This is by no means over...


Super User III
Super User III

Re: Why does GoDaddy have such a bad reputation?

I have kind of a unique experience with GoDaddy. 


I've been a customer since around 2012, initially just using GD as my domain registrar and using things like Wix or whatever the website-builder-du-jour was. I ran blogs on every platform you can imagine, but I always like WordPress best.


Then I moved to Phoenix and needed a job. I got lucky by working at GoDaddy. It was a truly eye opening experience of how the whole show worked behind the scenes. It was, in one word, awesome.


I no longer work there but I'm still a huge advocate for GoDaddy and here's why:


  • I know the people that work there. They truly want to give a customer experience that's unparalleled and can't be copied. They're passionate about what they do and they love making useful products to make your life easier when it comes to your web presence.
  • Their products simply work. You can argue over price points all you want, but as long as you follow the instructions, perform routine maintenance tasks, and understand the limitations of the product you use, then the service is almost flawless.
  • You have lots of options to troubleshoot any issue you have. You have the 24/7 phone support, live chat, the Help pages, this community... and they're all very active and responsive.
  • GoDaddy, even though it's now a rather large corporation, still actively seeks out the feedback of its customers. That's rare. They've invested heavily into their community of users and, while the corporate machine can sometimes be slow in implementation, they take our suggestions seriously.

For people that have had a negative experience, I have a bit of advice to make their experience more pleasant:


  • If you, as a customer, have gone to the trouble of purchasing a hosting platform, website builder, email service, etc., please take the time to find the related supporting documentation in the Help section of the site and read it. You can't even begin to understand how much easier this will make your life. 
  • If you have to call in, please don't scream at the customer service reps. Trust me when I say that they can absolutely feel your frustration and want to do what they can to help. Keep in mind they have a job to do and not all fixes are free. Sometimes you will have to pay money to correct issues as they are not due to error on GoDaddy's part. The positive side is they have affordable services.
  • Please, take your own backups. As a good rule, you should have a three-point backup plan: one locally saved on your computer hard drive, one saved to the cloud, and one on your server itself. This redundancy will save you. Keep in mind this is technology and things happen. Having a robust backup plan is the only way to beat this. 
  • Owning a website, developing a brand with good web presence, doesn't happen overnight. It takes constant work on your behalf to do these things. If you don't do that work, you won't get the results you want.
  • The "bad reputation" that GoDaddy gets is from a very vocal minority that have legitimate gripes about their specific situation that has caused them some amount of grief or loss. They're valid concerns for the most part and should be addressed. The nature of the internet is that this vocal minority percolates to the top of the pile. Yes, there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of complaints. Some are similar, most are unique. They still account for less than 1% of the customer base. That means 99% of the 17+ million GoDaddy customers have had nothing but a smooth sailing experience. Again, this is technology. You can expect a few bugs, and if you didn't do the necessary to make sure the things were taken care of, how can you blame the hosting company for that? It's simple logic.

TL;DR: Arm yourself with the knowledge of your platform, be nice to people, join the community if you need help, know that you have many avenues for help, and if you don't have your own backup you need to make one, now.



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Re: Why does GoDaddy have such a bad reputation?

As a company who started on GoDaddy with smaller websites and grew our business, here’s what we found with GoDaddy.



They’re cheap at first glance. If you don’t need SSL, domain registration, or any additional services you can get a super cheap server and relatively cheap domain registration.


1. They overpopulate their shared servers. Imagine a bus…GoDaddy has 50 seats on a bus but continues to pack people in, then has people latch on to the outside of the bus, sit on the hood, and jump into the trunk. How do they make sure your site doesn’t slow down because you’re sharing this space? They throttle your i/o and memory usage, which results in excessive 503 errors if your site is more than 250mb total.

2. They don’t have location based support. I’m not a “speak the language!” type of person, but if my website is down and I have the phone ringing off the hook, spending 25 minutes just to get to the point that they know who I am (god forbid you get transferred) only to be met with choppy English and “It’s your problem, not ours” is pretty shotty “support”.

3. Nickles and Dimes GoDaddy is good at making their prices appear cheap, but it’s essentially the Comcast model. “We’ll give it away to you almost FREE!” ….but we’ll also set you up with renewable products (you didn’t know we added), increase your prices after the first year, and nickle and dime every aspect of your website possible to make sure you pay the same as you would without all the hassle at another host who is upfront about the fact that running a website isn’t cheap – unless you really don’t care about performance or security.

4. Managed WordPress is a joke. The only purpose of MWP is to make sure you’re not using plugins that might slow down the bus, or make it obvious that 100 people are packed into a 50 seat bus.

5. They lie – as a part of their service. I can’t OVERSTATE THIS ENOUGH. Their support team is going to lie to you. One agent will tell you to do something that another will negate. One support agent will tell you there’s issues that will resolve after maintenance, while another will be like “What maintenance?!”

6. Their “support” refuses to allow screenshots or quick ways to share the issue you’re experiencing. “Send us an email! We refuse to see your readily availale screenshot that EVERY OTHER HOST accepts” as if time is not of the essence when your site is down and clients are ringing your phone off the hook.

7. They do not keep records of any conversation. You will repeat yourself from one agent to another, from one transfer to another. This can become incredibly frustrating when you’re dealing with an issue that’s been persistent or over a few days/weeks.

8. If you’re unhappy with any product or service, there are no refunds, only “store credit”.

9. Sales, sales, sales….you’re going to get sold to with the “Is it okay if we look over your account and find things we can sell you while we act as if your issue is really important to us?” Yes. The #1 goal for GoDaddy agents, customer service and tech support, is to sell you and upgrade you.

10. If you have an issue that needs to be escalated…it will take you 20+ minutes for them to reach a supervisor or team lead who can make themselves “available”, and by the time you’ve been escalated, that member will make sure to respond to your chat messages only once every 5 to 10 minutes. No joke…I’ve had to escalate 3x now, and every time I’m treated like that “problem customer” who they’re hoping just gives up and disconnects.

Truly, honestly, and from the bottom of my developer heart – Friends don’t let friends GoDaddy.