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WooCommerce plugin Issues

Hi Guys,

I am on the Linux Cpanel hosting and when i installed WooCommerce plugin, the site crashed.

The site only came up after i disabled the plugin.

Please how do i get WooCommerce working?

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Hello @topetope123, I assume that you have insured the proper method to determine that you have the correct settings for WooCommerce? You installed WooCommerce on a base WordPress installation? You wouldn't be running any other plugins or special setups of WordPress would you? Usually WooCommerce is an robust and easy installation to WordPress but occasionally other plugins will cause issues. Hope that helps?

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Hi @rd

I appreciate your reply but i will like to know how i can get it to work. 

What do i need to do exactly?

Specifically I would go to your file management via the provided File Manager of your hosting OR via FTP using credentials. You can go to your .../wp-content/plugins... directory. You can either disable all plugins directory by renaming the plugins directory or just WooCommerce by renaming that directory.


That would allow you to login to your WordPress admin (afterwards you can restore the directory name to original) and you will find that the problem plugin(s) have been disabled. I don't know your environment but I would suggest that you want to start off with only WooCommerce activated and see if that works. I term of if you have other plugins I'd look at them one by one. Typically WooCommerce is fairly comprehensive and you might not need other plugins (depending on their use).


If I knew more I could say more but renaming that directory and logging in will at least disable plugins and get you back into your website. With more information I could be less generic with my information.

...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

roy darling *my posts seem a lot shorter in my head

I have been able to get my website back up but i still need help on how to get WooCommerce to work

Hi @topetope123,


Do you have enough resources allocated to allow WooCommerce to install properly?  Your theme makes a HUGE impact on how Woo is installed.  For example, take the Avada theme.  With one demo version of the theme installed all you need is a 40 MB memory allocation.  With a second version, a minimum 256 MB is required. 


Hope this helps,


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