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WordPress Login

I have been accessing WP through GoDaddy, specifically going through Manage Applications and the "Login".


Once I am on the login page where it says log in with, I click on the link to put in my user name and password.  Once here, I login in with the correct login (sometimes I see the Prove your humanity: 4   +   5   =   thing.... I enter the correct login information and solve the addition problem. 


Once I click login, I am brought right back to the first screen where it says log in with


Anyone have a suggestion on what is going on and how to correct this login issue?  Kinda tough to work on a WordPress website when you can't get logged back in.



Former Employee

Hi rjfoster03,


The login to normally wouldn't show up on a typical Wordpress website. I would suggest reaching out to support to have them double check the settings on your particular hosting setup. 


Normally the login to page only shows up if your website is actually pointing to and not to a hosting account elsewhere. 


Hope this helps! 


I will check with GoDaddy's support to see why the issue is there.  


I installed WordPress through GoDaddy's installation option while logged in on GoDaddy and was able to get logged into the WordPress admin page through the managing link in GoDaddy. Now it just revolves around the two login screens.


I did change the password and it let me back in, but once logged out, the issue starts back up.

Hi rjfoster,


I would recommend in that case to reach out to GD support and have them double check the setup. That is a very odd issue to be having on a typical WP setup.


Hope they are able to resolve this for you!