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WordPress Manage Hosting, no permission to remove files through FTP



I have just purchased WordPress Manage Hosting, and tried to delete pre installed WordPress through FTP (Because i already had complete website on my localhost)


But most of the files did not deleted due to permissions.


Its really annoying, Why i don't have permissions to delete files from my own Sub-directory?


Now pre installed WordPress is also broken and when i am trying to upload my existing localhost site, it is also not uploading due to zip file cannot extract.


Also i purchased Basic package but now i see that there is no SSH access in it, i must want SSH


Is there any way to upgrade my package to Deluxe? or even some other web hosting with cPanel?


Please guide me on this ASAP as i need to upload my site  



Super User II

Managed WordPress is for those who don't want to worry about managing the WordPress installation.  You can cancel the plan and contact support for a credit, then purchase cPanel hosting if you want more control over management.