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WordPress Site Gateway 504 Error & Latency When Site Is UP

Hello Community,


I'm new to this forum and have been experiencing some annoying issues with my WordPress site for the past 4-5 days. Earlier this week, there began to be latency on the website and pages would take 1-2 minutes to load anything. Recently, within the past 2 days there has been constant issues with latency taking 3minutes+ to load and constant Gateway 504 errors indicating the page was not available. I have not made any changes to the site in over a week and simply have been putting up posts on the site.


Anyone else experiencing this error? I have read that Gateway 504 is possibly out of my hands and is an issue with the servers ISP or hosting services.


Any input would be greatly appreciated. My site is for the record, if that helps anyone.




Also, trying to attempt the wp-admin to make any changes also is extremely slow and also faces the same Gateway 504 error at times.


Once I can login and access the dashboard, I see the following message at the top no matter what page in the dashboard is loaded.


Error [111] connecting to the Redis Proxy: Connection refused



Super User I

This is a known problem on GoDaddy's side that is due to their recent platform upgrade.  They are working on it and claim to have an update in the next week or so....


Until then we all have to be patient.... Smiley Sad





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