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WordPress and Contact Form 7

I have read many claims on Internet and also there are several comments in the community about having problems with "WordPress" and "Contact Form 7" on Godaddy's web servers. 

Obviously this combination does not work since some times now.

I have also noticed that on our client website, since several months, "Contact Form 7" doesn't send emails although the response of the form is always "Sent Successfully".

We have developed this website 4 years ago, all modules are updated and the contact form worked properly before.

Some people on Internet claim that PHP mail() function on Godaddy servers are not set correctly. I don't know if this is true or not.

Is there any suggestions or comments from Godaddy regarding this general and huge problem?


Farhang Mobarhan
Helper VI

@Farhang that's odd. Have you tried with a different plugin, like ninja forms, or jetpack?

In one of my sites, I use contact form 7, and it works.

What plan are you on? Managed WP or shared hosting?

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