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WordPress hosting problem

I purchased my domain name a few months before I began my WordPress site.  I setup the page through WordPress and paid for a personal site so I could point my domain.  I am trying to use an ftp service but I cannot seem to get it to work.  Is there a way to merge what I have paid for on wordpress to move it to the godaddy hosting or am going to have to bite the bullet on this one and pay again.  


Thank you for any help. 

Super User II

@mglavac  FTP is based on settings.  Maybe can help you with that to make sure those settings are corrrect.  If they are correct it should work.


You can move your site over to GoDaddy but you'll have to purchase hosting on GoDaddy to move the site over to.


I would double-check the FTP settings before spending additional $$.


HTH! 😉

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Thank you for the response.   I am going to try one month of web hosting and see if that helps.  It's only a couple bucks that I can spare.