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WordPress is really giving me a problem

I purchased a wordpress theme for a t_shirt shop. It is installed, I have signed up with the proper IDs for amazon, Tee spring etc. for selling T's . 


I set up my page and it shows t-licious 

The problem I am having is that nothing I do to my site updates when I make changes. 

I am suppose to be able to grab a direct link from Tee Spring and paste it in to this theme and the shirt is suppose to upload to the wordpress page and show on it. I keep getting default tees, But with the proper link to where it is suppose to go.  No images of my actual tees are showing.


Is there a file in the initial install I should delete? I have been trying to find the answer all day to no avail.


Thanks for reading. If it even makes sense.


Hey @djbutton28

First let me say welcome to the community! Looking forward to seeing what discussions we'll have.

Are the changes you're trying to make to the theme itself or to the site in general? If it's general changes you're trying to make, first try clearing your browser cache settings. If that doesn't work, try resetting the theme to a default WordPress theme to see if the changes can be made there. If it's not the theme, try disabling any active plug-ins installed temporarily to help eliminate other potential sources that are preventing updates to your site.

That may help get you started towards a solution. If you're still having trouble,let us know the name of the specific theme you're trying to use? Perhaps another member here is familiar with it and knows how to fix this.


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Getting Started

Thank you. I am sorry I didn't even introduce myself. I have been at this issue for two days and just got frustrated. I am a screen printer, sign maker and do vinyl graphics in my shop I have had for three years But doing it for 10..  The theme is not anything I purchased from Wordpress, It is from Covert Tees ( not trying to plug them.)


 I will ask them the question too on Monday. I just wasn't sure if it was a general issue of wordpress or of theirs. When I watch and follow their videos I do everything the same way. My site just is not updating and changing the tees. So I will try your suggestions this evening and hope I get a step in the right direction.


Thank you for your reply.



Update. I did clear Browsing and Cache. I de activated the theme and tried a different one. It wouldn't show anything properly as it was not meant for those purposes. Went back to the  Shirt Theme. Still no change. Yesterday I deleted everything and started over only to have the same issue.

Community Manager

Hey @djbutton28

Most often when I see an issue like this, it's due to a caching plugin. Just like your browser can cache files to load a website quicker, WordPress has plugins that will cache your website so it can load more quickly. If you have one of these, there's usually a "clear cache" option within your dashboard somewhere. Try using that once you've made the changes to see if it helps. If not, you might want to try just disabling the plugin. Also, look in your /wp-content directory for a "cache" folder. Removing that may help too (though you should back it up first just to be safe). 

Hope that helps.


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