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Wordpress Application Installation Stuck

My Wordpress application installation has been stuck for 3 days. Online support is never available, and I've called multiple time to be stuck on hold seemingly indefinitely.


How can I cancel the existing Wordpress application installation?


Same here.  I think it maybe because I had installed and trashed it earlier.


UPDATE FIX:  Godaddy/cPanel File Manager/install wordpress/installatron/  (right top two tabs) - My Applications tab

Uninstall any old reversions. 


I really wish it would have just told me, not waste my time with a spinning install wheel.

That solution doesn't work for me. Looks like I am stuck in an old version of cpanel without the options you described.


Thanks for the info, but it looks like I have to wait on hold until GoDaddy answers.

Each time I attempt to install WordPress using Installatron...

- I fill-out the fields in the install web form

- I click on the "Install" button

- I get a "Processing" message with a small spinning icon showing activity.

- The "Processing" message never stops.

What do I do?

Ignore it?

Refresh the page?

Close the browser window?

When I check the admin URL the site is built and WordPress allows me to login.

My wordpress stuck on installing at 50% and there is no remove option. So how can i remove and  resolve it. You check in

Stuck with same problem ..any solution

even database status is pending only...i dont know why godaddy ignore to help 


Every time I try to install WP it does the same - hangs for days and no way to stop, cancel or remove through manage apps window!


No wonder godaddy has a 2 star review - this plus the customer service that tell you different things about the same issue are enough to switch hosts.