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Wordpress Not Installing

I get below error when trying to install wordpress. Please somebody help me solving the issue.

! A test of the selected domain has failed (HTTP error: 0).

Installatron is unable to install on a domain that is not resolving/loading to this web account.

If this is a new web hosting account, or if this is a newly registered domain, please allow up to 24 hours for the domain to begin working (though usually within a few hours).

If you're sure that the domain is correctly loading to your web account, contact your web hosting administrator.

Technical Error: [1] Written file `/home/mydomain/public_html/deleteme.chaz0e6w.php' not accessible at `'.
2016-10-25T23:32:48-06:00 FAILURE [3; /opt/curlssl/bin/curl] [http code=0; timeout=7] @mySiteIPaddress(mySiteIPaddress)

Could somebody help me out solving the issue?




Re: Wordpress Not Installing

Hello vikas6816,

  Sorry to hear about the troubles with your recent wordpress install attempt. According to the error it seems that your domains "A" record may not be updated with the I.P. address of your hosting. As wordpress relies on a dns connection in order to connect and signin to the CMS it is necessary to have the DNS of your domain pointed to your hosting account. From the file directory I am presuming you are using a cPanel hosting plan. I have listed a guide below of how to find your hostings I.P. address to point your domains DNS to. If the DNS is pointed correctly and it has been over 24 hours please contact our 24/7 inbound hosting support department at a time of your convenience to review the error your are receiving so that this matter can be addressed promptly .


Linux Hosting (cPanel) Help > What is my website's IP address?


Hope this helps!