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Wordpress login issues

When I try to login to Wordpress from the go daddy dashboard it takes me to my site with a page can’t be found error message. I can’t figure out the issue.
From this page I can access all my Wordpress account but on not .org
Resolver I

Hi, sounds like a DNS issue. What is the URL of the website?

But I've had a whole host of issues since then so the site may not be accessible. 

I think its a problem with my internet alone. Because when I call tech support they have no idea what I'm talking about. And I don't have the problems using my phone when it isn't connected to the wifi. Tried clearing the cache etc but no luck.

Well... I can tell you that from my side it loads fine... and I can see some yummy recipes 🙂


I also added to the end of the URL /wp-admin and it took me to the login page, so it seems that your site is working perfectly fine.


Access your admin through instead of the GoDaddy control panel and see if it works for you.

Thats exactly what the phone tech guy said! On my computers I get this message; 


Warning! Domain mapping upgrade for this domain not found. Please log in and go to the Domains Upgrades page of your blog to use this domain. 


And I get it on all 3 computers in the house. But I don't get the message on my phone when it isn't connected to the wifi I can access everything through that just fine 



WordPress has nothing to do with domain mapping and domain upgrades. It also says there that you need to “log in and go to the Domains Upgrades page”. It means logging in to your hosting account. WordPress doesn’t have Domain Upgrades.


Perhaps you just bought the domain and hosting, and maybe it needs a little bit of time until everything is properly set up on their end.


I could help you checking your DNS settings in your control panel but for this I need the login information. I suspect that there is something set incorrectly in your DNS. You can message me the information privately by clicking on my name.