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child theme help needed - too late?

I have a Managed WordPress site through GoDaddy and have been customizing the "Minnow" theme just by changing the code on my site. I realize this is wrong. I'm now trying to create a child theme and make the changes there but I can't even find the wp-content-themes directory. Can you please help me find this so I can at least get started? Any advice for making sure that all the changes I made to the theme will be transferred to the child (aside from copy and paste)? 

Any help is greatly appreciated. Obviously I'm a rookie...thanks for the help. 

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This is a good Garage article about child themes:


The article gives an overview and then links to another article with steps.


This is also an excellent article (not on the Garage), with more detailed step-by-step instructions:



I am completely lost on this. I understand you need to create a folder for a child theme and them add a style sheet and php but WHERE do you create that folder within the GoDaddy Managed WordPress? Am I missing something? All I see under Appearance>Editor is the style.css file for the parent theme along with all the .php files. I see nowhere to add a folder.

To create the new folder and add the theme files, you need to log in via FTP. The Managed WordPress settings section will tell you the FTP info. You log in, navigate to the themes sub-folder (/wp-content/themes) and create the folder for your new theme (/wp-content/themes/nameofnewtheme/, where "nameofnewtheme" is the name of your new theme.


After the theme has been uploaded, you can choose it under Appearance/Themes.


See, that might help.