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deleting old website files and building new content with WordPress

I'm trying to rebuild an old iWeb site where I used cyberduck as an FTP client to upload files to GoDaddy domain hosting. With that program obsolete, I am trying to rebuild the same pages using the WordPress app built into my GoDaddy account. Any tutorials on doing something like this or the steps involved? Suggestions? Thanks!


Re: deleting old website files and building new content with WordPress

Hello wildhomes, 

     Wordpress is a great platform but can be very confusing for a first time use. I suggest that you first create a backup of you older site via ftp and then start with the build of the new site.  At this time we offer a Managed Wordpress hosting platform which cuts out the time and knowledge needed for installations and database setups and gets you right into the actions of starting your new website. We offer many help articles for Managed Wordpress which can be found by clicking the link below. When I first started building with Wordpress the best resources at that time were Google, Youtube and Wordpress is a very commonly used platform and there are tons of video and written tutorials on the internet. I am also including a link to the wordpress forums that have input from thousands of wordpress users, myself included! Best wishes with the new website and I hope you enjoy building with the new platform.


GoDaddy Managed WordPress Help


Wordpress Support



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Re: deleting old website files and building new content with WordPress

Hi @wildhomes,


I made a conversion quite a while ago doing something very similar.  What I found was "concentrate on the content first."  Whatever content you have that you want to bring across, get it ready first.  I literally did a copy from the browser and a pasted into Notepad++.  I had my images already loaded into their own folder so referencing those resources was just a matter of uploading into the wp-content/uploads/..... directory.


By having your content ready beforehand, you'll know which features of your theme that you'll want to use.  Many themes have so many cool styling capabilities you can get lost in what you want to do. 


KEY POINT.  When creating a WP page and pasting your content, be sure to use "Paste as Text".  By stripping all of the formatting you put your content into the theme's style.  You'll have to add some h1, h2, tags as you'd like.  On the WP page-editor tool bar there is an icon for the Paste From Microsoft Word.  This is the Paste as Text.


Hope this helps,


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