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email from GoDaddy about Wordpress

I received an email today purporting to be from GoDaddy.  The subject line is "information regarding your account.  In it, it says my website has been flagged for malware.  It gives me a list of items to remove that look like stuff that's important to Wordpress, and also an option to click and scan to remove malware.  I read this email in text, not html, just to be safe.


Is this email legit?  It seems awful suspicious to me.   I checked my GoDaddy account and there are no alerts or anything saying there is a problem with my website. 


Thanks for any input you can give me. 

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Thank you very much for your response.  I was really unsure as they actually had my name and correct account number on this email.  If GoDaddy would like to see it, tell me how to forward it without activating the HTML in the email. 


Thanks again! 

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Hi @Mluc,


if they had your name and account number also then I would contact support asp for advice and just to double check it really wasn't from them. 


You can easily make safe a email by converting it to a plain text file (.txt) then if really paranoid, editing the links slightly with a '_' or '-' to render them useless but still readable. I'm sure they won't need to see it though as it really is NOT godaddy usual policy to ask you to make changes to your site through email links. They would rather ask you to log in to your site cPanel. Make sure it's the godaddy page you login to and look for the padlock, click on the padlock if you wish to verify the cert.


Using the resources and services of a GoDaddy Pro can stop this kind of phishing spam in it's tracks if you have a Pro manage your site, as they can see and check at a glance if there are any issues. Also they can purchase and distribute all the Godaddy products and services you will need, through their accountso you know the exact source and also have basically a private support team member to keep a eye on any issues arising! 

The level of support being up to you. Just a thought..............


Regards  aka @rammsteinium