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from wordpress domain to same godaddy domain

I recently transferred my domain from to godaddy. I'm trying to redirect or forward, not sure what I am supposed to do. It is the same domain name that I want to use. I currently use wordpress for my domain, I have transferred that domain to godaddy but I do not know how to get my self hosted site to come open when I type in this domain. Redirect? Forward? please help

Advocate VI

Sounds like you had a domain pointing to a site at, and you want to move it to point to your own hosting. 


  1. Transfer domain to GoDaddy (sounds like you did that). The domain would still be pointing to at that point.
  2. Build your new site on your own hosting (presumably at GoDaddy). Sounds like you did that too.
  3. If the new site is ready to go, you need to log into the domain info and change it to point to the new hosting. 

Not clear what type of hosting you have for the new site. Is it Managed WordPress? If so, you also need to change the primary domain on the MWP account to be your real domain, and then also make sure that the domain is pointing to the GoDaddy server. 


I can't say it often enough: call their 24/7 tech support. They can talk you through the steps. Really. The folks there are trained to deal with just this sort of issue.



I did get the Managed word press hosting. Will the steps you gave me work?

I have not migrated my website to godaddy yet becuase you have to know FTP credentials. host location, FTP username and FTP password

FTP login is something you should have for your old hosting. If it's on another hosting company's package, that info should easily be available by logging into whatever control panel they provide.


In short, the Managed WP migration tool logs into your old WP site using login credentials and FTP info that you provide, and then airlifts over all of the right pieces, into the new Managed WP site.


GD provides a temporary domain to build the new version, so you can do everything to set it up and test it, before changing your domain name to point to the new version. When it's time to change the domain to point there, you need to add the domain name to the Managed WP site, and you need to update the domain's actual "pointer" to the server. Both steps are easy to do and well-documented. 


Can you tell us where your current site is hosted? Either I or someone else here may have used that hosting before with other clients, and might be able to tell you exactly where to look for the FTP info.