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i cant access my own website

when i search my website then show 

The page isn’t working 

and redirected you too many times. 
what is solution? plz help


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Hi @sa11,


We all understand here that English may not be everyones first language, and although not wanting to sound condescending or rude, but using google translate isn't hard at all and would improve your answers. I am not being rude but to keep asking people what they mean puts those who would actually love to help, off.

Please use google translate if you find English hard:

Helper VI

Hi there,


Unfortunately, WordPress likes redirect(a lot) to make their urls easier to read(SEO purposes).  Unfortunately, some of the plugins that does this are not perfect, it is even worse if you use multiple plugin, then on top of that, your site might have a different redirect rules from .htaccess.


What I recommend is that you review your .htaccess redirect rule and your WordPress SEO plugin.


Unfortunately, all website configuration varies from site to site thus making it really hard to give a definitive answer. If I write all the possible answered here, I'll be typing for weeks. 


Hopefully this link will help you.  It has a list of possible answers:

~Jan Mykhail Hasselbring Web Administrator @