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i want to add facebook like box without installing plugin

hi frinds, i am new at wesbite designing. i have created a website whose name is sai baba answers . i want to add facebook like box in this website without installing plugin. 

already, my website is very heavy. i dont want to insall plugin for fb like box. please help. 

Helper VI

Hello @pankajsaini901


I've look at your site, and I've remembered of my first site in WordPress and my first site in Joomla, all together, put into a blender and mixed...


No disrespect intended, but, it's a mess, and you really need to clean it up.


I think I can help you, and if you allow it, I will do it.


Please put here a list of ALL your plugins, in order to be able to give you others, that are more efficient.



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