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managed WP?

why is godaddy support so bad?

i am making website transfer hosting to godaddy, and i just realized how bad it is! You have to call, 15 minutes international call and nobody picked up?????

no way to unzip my files on this sucky wp managed plan? i have to upload all my files manually?


i already added my site as i have an old website and copy everything from there...two times and put my password and godaddy copied nothing and sent no emails!!!


so i made a new one, now i have to wait 3 hours to delete all ftp and 5 hours to upload old site back! and pray to god it will work!!!


what happend to good old email support and chat ...... i have no words, just very bad!!!

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Where about are you phoning from, Godaddy list's at least 49 countries from which to make a call. If I ring the number for the UK I often get through to Arizona, but it's a local call still, because I phoned a UK number.

Had you waited to be connected you would have found godaddy support to be some of the very best guys and girls. Always polite, chatty, cheerful and helpful. I don't know if someone puts something in there tea to make them this good, but I could do with a little in mine.


It's unfair to be impolite and dismiss them as they try really hard. Using terms like "sucky wp managed plan" won't do you any favours although I understand your frustration at not being able to get through sometimes as fast as you would like. There are busy peak times, and for obvious reasons weekends for example may be busy. There is the online live chat service as well to consider.


5 hours to upload a site seems rather excessive. 


I do hope your experience hasn't soured your opinion because as you will find, godaddy guys are good guys.