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"Page OK" error for my wordpress Wesbite

For the last 30 hours, my website is displaying just "Page OK" wheneve rits accessed. 


I contacted support team via chat twice. Once they asked me to change the IP in A-records and it did not work. For second time they asked me expedite resolution of my site problem but still not help.


Is there a problem in server of GoDaddy or its just my website which is experiencing this problem. If its only my website then its a really disappointing for me because I choose GoDaddy on the pretext that it was the best web hosting provider. 


Please help me out!

Advocate VI Advocate VI
Advocate VI

Re: "Page OK" error for my wordpress Wesbite

This question was asked a couple of months ago. I had to dig around to find it, but I think you can see the conversation here: 



Re: "Page OK" error for my wordpress Wesbite

Essentially this means that your site isn't set up at the Godaddy IP address you are currently pointed at. In order of likelihood, here are the three main reasons that could be:

1. You haven't set up your domain in your hosting account yet, but are correctly pointed to your hosting. 

2. You're domain is pointed to the wrong IP address. Make sure your pointing to the one in your hosting account.
3. Something is misconfigured on Godaddy's end. This one is the hardest to fix because Godaddy usually won't believe this is the problem! But it is occasionally.  You'll need to insist they reset your site in the system.

I've been working with this error for years! You can learn more about it here: Pageok Explanation