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"Site Setup in Progress" stuck at 65%

Setting up a WordPress site and the site setup in progress bar hasn't moved from 65% in hours.




The known issues previously mentioned back in December should have been fully resolved. We haven't had any other system alerts recently reported on our Managed WordPress servers that would account for a continuation of the issues you're each indicating. 


Since this is going to require further investigation into each account, you'll want to reach out to our live support so our hosting team can assist in resolving the cause. 


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Getting Started

Yes, same as @kazrisk, I too have tried to SYNC the STAGING site to the PRODUCTION site and the "Staging setup in progress" has been stuck at 60% for well over an hour?
Getting Started

Hello again,


@Gabe I thought I would link you here as well to see if my two issues are linked? 


When I login at #/hosting/mwp/index I have seen the "setup" progress bar for over 5 hours now? I have no other access to my wordpress hosting page while the setup bar is in progress?



I'm currently stuck at 65% as well. I have no other options available. 😞


Stuck at 65% as well - it's incredibly annoying as I've literally just purchased the premium managed wordpress package and now I can't do anything with it - the upload in progress can not be halted or removed.

Stuck at 65% Why??

Same here! WFT Godaddy??!

SAME HERE!!! FIX THIS GODADDY. Stuck at 65% as well.

I don't what percentage my setup made it to, but after about an hour or so installing word press I got this message:

We can't access your WordPress account.

This is why we pay the big bucks? 🙂


I got both the site setup 65% and can't access your account msgs. Glad I started this early before the new year. I wanted to start my blog in Jan. Looks like i'll need the extra time for all the glitches.

I still have the problem and its midnight now!!! Lets see the award winning support of godaddy!

Same problem. Any solution yet? U set aside specific time to get this site built and now I am at a road block. 

Also Stuck at 65%


I'm having the same issue

Same here - the bar moved pretty quickly in the first few minutes then stopped 65% about 4 hours ago.  Tech support assured me all is well and that if there was anything going on, I would be alerted by an error message.  


What i would like to know is if i should go ahead and start the authorization process for the domain transfer...i should have asked the tech when i had him on the phone....



after 5 hours @ 65% - something happens!  40% Migration....followed by.....  Migration Error!

I called tech support, they told me that there was a site-wide issue with this, the admins are in the server now trying to fix it. I got given a 2-3 hour estimate about 2 hours ago but of course there could be even more extended delays. Wanting to get this done so that I can develop the website over the weekend while I'm away on vacation.

Merry xmas to everyone, hope you guys have a fun and safe weekend 🙂

Community Manager

@Jyles@kazrisk@ReluctantAdmin@Kenny@food2000@BATS@evilbeer@ASHRAF01@mayukotaketa@shubhendumishra@fearlack72@elemeche@heather333 - Thanks for your posts


As some of you have pointed out, we were having issues with changes to accounts taking much longer than normal to process. That is something our admins have been working on the last few days. There have been periods where this was resolved and then later popped up again. Based on the age of your posts, most of you should have seen a resolution by now. If not, please get in touch with our support team (if you haven't already) so they can see what's going on. Thanks for your patience!


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give likes.

The same stupid error ... 

Now I will go back to another hosting provider.

I've been for hours waitin, what shall i do????

Hi Friend


Is this issue Resolved??,