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site is unbelievably slow

Hi, I've been running this site for over a year now, it's actually my girlfriends postcard business. I have been meaning to figure out this issue since day one, ow she needs things finished and running smooth. 


I have ran a couple sites in the past on godaddy and using a wordpress site, they ran and functioned great, no issues ever. But this one is slow, not like slower than average, I'm talking about liek 30 seconds to load a page. Can't even update plugins much because the server times out at least 50% of the time. 


This is under the deluxe hosting package too, and has done it since the begining. I tryed uninstalling wordpress and reinstalling it, but never changed the speeds. I also went and tested it with no plugins runnign at all, and no difference at all noticeably. The site is running off the windows plesk package, as did my previous sites that ran just fine. I do use the wp cache plugin which does help, but that only helps people who have already visited the site and visited every page, and of course they wont see something new because they are being served an old version of the page anyways. 


Does anyone have any ideas why this site is so slow running exactly the same as other sites that ran fine, and I tryed different themes too, nothing changes at all. Please read this fully before responding too, just to help sort out any real answers other than the ones suggesting I do what I have already done. And thanks in advance for anything helpfull. I have always stood behind godaddy and recommended them to everyone, so I would hate to finally give in and move to someone else.



Former Employee

Greetings @burdieburd, This sounds like an interesting business, let's see if we can do something about the frustration...


Please don't take this wrong, but if the other sites are running fine, it doesn't seem to be hosting or ISP-related. The first place I'd look is the content itself (and it appears you've tried some of this with theme-switching). 

One of the things I do is run some of those free third-party tests that examine load time and provide a peek behind the coding. My favorite right now is: which looks at both desktop and mobile response times. It recently helped me clear some lag-inducing JavaScript I missed.


I also use: but there are others, of course (dozens), Including some which examine response from other points in the U.S. or around the world.


GoDaddy also has some words on content:


Anyway, I hope it helps (let us know, if you have the chance),


Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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thanks for the response. I am going to use that pagespeed insights site to look at some ideas, thanks for that link. It just seems like the issue might be wordpres itself, but then that doesnt make since since I've used wordpress before and everything was fine, plus regardless of theme it's all still very slow, even in the backend dashboard. In fact I had to try three times to get the pagespeed insight to work because it kept timing out. Thanks again for the link and I hope I can figure something out from that. 


If anyone else has had this problem and figured it out please feel free to let me in on your ideas. If anyone wants to see what I mean by running slow the site can be viewed at



I face the same issue with one of the Wordpress sites that is hosted on GoDaddy. It's not about any of the parameters that are mentioned in being the problem, the site just goes very very slow at times and even throwing 500 errors. So there's obviously something weird in their infrastructure.


I tried contacting the telephone support and they say some funny things like I have to check the plugins etc. The issue is why does it work great at times and very bad at many occasions?

i have a website that is getting 1000 visitors per day. but now it is having less than 200 visiors per day due to low page load speed. please give me some advide to incease my website page loading speed (website name : non veg joke in hindi)

Hi @fliplewis, They are likely referring to caching and speed booster plug-ins and possibly image cachers (which post a placeholder while larger images load).


While you may not be a beginner, wpbeginner has some comprehensive information to help:



Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at

HI Thomas,

Been using the Workspace mail site fore about 10 years but just ofer the last week

We are having a go slow issue with the GoDaddy site.

Its stopped checking new mail automatically

And when you tray to tick a mail item for deletion etc there is a few seconds delay before the tick appears.

Have checked with our internet connection and is running normal on all other sites including Outlook etc

Any ideas

Thanks JOhn